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Training courses are for Neumann employees only. Please email Anna Sergel, Professional Development Specialist, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register for a course.

Course Descriptions

Abuse and Neglect

Illinois Department of Human Services Rule 50 Training. During this training staff will gain information regarding Abuse & Neglect recognition, prevention & intervention as well as the responsibilities of mandated reporting.

CPR and First Aid

American Red Cross certification for CPR & First Aid is provided to individuals who successfully complete this full day training course.

Developmental Disabilities Med 116

Intended for all staff working with individuals with developmental disabilities. The training provides staff with medication information, administration procedures and understanding of the medication policy and procedures. Individuals are required to complete and pass an exam at the end of this training.

External Control

Crisis management techniques and implementation of physical intervention procedures

Health & Safety

An understanding of basic health & safety topics: Introduction to Health & Safety (principles of support, confidentiality, bloodbourne pathogens, and universal precautions), Human Growth & Development, Vital Signs & Symptoms, Wellness, Assisting with Activities of Daily Living, and Environmental & Individual Safety.

Human Interaction and Communication

Staff are provided an overview of the importance of understanding human interaction and communication. Individuals will gain insight and understanding of non-verbal communication, functions of communication, visual supports & augmentative communication, potential causes of communication challenges, communication challenges for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, types of sign language, the effects of communication challenges, facilitating positive interactions with individuals supported, and strategies to support a grieving person.

Human Rights

Studying the evolution of human rights for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Individuals will gain insight and understanding of the division of developmental disabilities mission statement, the evolution of human rights, rules & codes, advocacy, the rights guaranteed to individuals with disabilities, cultural competency, the importance of choice, types of guardianship, and an overview of the behavioral management and human rights committee.

Incident Reporting

New employees will be introduced to the agencies incident reporting system and procedure for completing reports after managing residential and day program incidents and crisis situations.

Infection Control

Infection control procedures and topic areas such as bloodborne pathogens, universal precautions, prevention, and the agencies policy

Intro to Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness

This training provides staff an overview of developmental disabilities and mental illness. Individuals will gain insight and understanding of roles & responsibilities, ethical guidelines, developmental disabilities & mental illness definitions, information on dual diagnosis, and strategies for positive interactions.

New Employee Orientation

New employees will gain an understanding of the agencies mission and vision, policies and procedures in addition to the training departments mission and training requirements.

One-to-One Interaction

This training targets staff who will be working in one-to-one positions however can be utilized for all direct care providers. Participants will increase understanding and knowledge of verbal de-escalation techniques such as utilizing I-ESCAPE, the importance of avoiding power struggles, compassionate accountability and emotional regulation. This training also provides staff opportunity to discuss and review components of External Control.

Positive Behavioral Support

Understanding of basic assumptions, characteristics of positive relationships with individuals served, the origins of problematic behavior, practical interventions and the components of a positive behavioral intervention plan

QIDP Training

Illinois Department of Human Services Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) training consists of nine modules held over nine weeks. The modules cover the following topics: Introduction to the world of the QIDP, Effective leadership, Assessing & enhancing quality outcomes, The planning loop, Record keeping, Community relationships & resources, Environmental health & safety, Medical Issues, and Applying rules & regulations. Individuals enrolled in this course are allowed no more then one absence and will receive the QIDP certification if all training requirements are completed.

Prior to registration, interested participants must receive QIDP approval from the Department of Human Services. To receive approval, interested participants must complete Checklist A (found on the DHS website) in addition to sending unofficial transcripts and resume to Gary Tucker.

Residential Advocates Nuts & Bolts

Provides all direct support professionals working at the agencies residential sites an understanding of job duties and procedures. Staff are provided information regarding on-call procedures, what it means to be an advocate, utilizing agency vehicles, implementing external control, technology use, and medication administration.

Service Plans An introduction to the individual program plan (IPP) utilized at Neumann Family Services. Individuals will be provided a description of the sections of the IPP, role of the community support team, an understanding of the staffing, life goals & changes, what person centered planning is, strategies for positive interventions, the importance of documentation and effective communication.

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